Business Startup Checklist

By sbdceditor,

So you came up with an idea for your own business, and you’ve met with a consultant to find out if it’s feasible. It passed the test, and you can’t wait get the ball rolling and get your business open. What’s next?

Use this Business Startup Checklist to cover all the bases, from writing your business plan to mapping out your financing strategy. This will help you create a strong, documented foundation before you rush into any key decisions.

Click Here to Download the Checklist PDF

Here is a checklist of the basic areas you need to cover before opening your business:

  • Write a Business Plan
  • Determine the Financing You Will Need and How You Will Get It
  • Set Up a Relationship with a Banker, if needed
  • Set Up Other Professional Relationships, if needed
  • Set Up a Relationship with an Attorney, if needed
  • Decide on the Legal Form for the Business
  • Choose & Register a Business Name
  • Meet Legal Requirements for Operating a Business
  • Get Licenses and Permits (Local, State, Federal)
  • Get State Sales Tax Permit
  • Obtain your Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN)
  • Obtain company bank account
  • Plan for Risk & Insurance
  • Obtain O ice Space, Equipment and Suppliers
  • Set up Recordkeeping Systems
  • Set up a Financial Management System
  • Develop a Marketing Plan
  • Hire Employees
  • Develop a Day-to-Day Managerial Plan