Got an amazing product or service and think you should sell online? We can help! Our SBDC Webify Program is a content-packed four-week bootcamp to get you from starting your business to your online store, that is, from start to cart! You’ll get step by step guidance along the way in-person and online as well as personalized assistance one on one as you need it.

Check out the other program benefits and course topics – you’ll be ready to take your business online in four weeks!

Program Overview

Webify is a startup business program offered through the OCIE SBDC Network for freelancers, entrepreneurs, service providers, and more that want to have and grow their online presence.

Why Webify?

  • You’ll have the opportunity to network with other participants and learn in a structured environment that includes in-person and online training modules. You’ll also get to learn the latest on e-commerce and online marketing trends.
  • Who will you hear from? Business owners and consultants with a vast array of experience from platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and more that can not only help you start your online business and make it profitable.
  • The program is offered at no cost (and no catch), you’ll get access to network with special guests, personalized consultation sessions, and hands-on training.

Program Benefits

Online Business Startup or Growth Plan

Starting? – We’ll show you how to take your awesome idea for an online business and give it a solid foundation through tried and true planning tactics for the long haul. Growing Business? – Maybe you own a retail shop, restaurant, or local business in town – we can help you bring that presence online and grow it! We’ll show you step by step how to leverage your presence in your current market to grow your reach and your profit online.

Customized Market Research Report

How do you know there’s a market for what you’re selling, how big is it, and who’s the audience? We’ll show you! Through customized market research reports, we can answer these questions and more like where your industry is heading, market insights, and digital trends.

Find Your Place in the Digital Landscape

Your secret sauce, we’ll help you identify your customers, check out your competition online, develop your unique selling proposition, and understand the digital landscape.

Marketing Strategy and Tactic Development

Webify is meant to help you understand the crucial aspects needed to create online strategies that convert to sales and increased awareness. We’ll share strategies that work and help you develop your own tactics for your audience.

Get Started on Ecommerce Platforms

You’ll be provided with an understanding of the available e-commerce platforms, best practices for finding the solution that best suits your needs and the guidance to get your business set up on the platform(s) you choose.

Digital Toolkit

You’ll understand how to use various online tools like email marketing, social media, digital advertising, and more that will help support a strong online presence.

Go Live

After 30 days, you’ll be ready to take your business online! You’ll be set with your domain name, hosting services, website launch, e-commerce platform, social sites, and more to make your online business successful.


What's on the Agenda

Webify is taught through a series of seven (7) face-to-face and virtual meetings. Consultants will guide you through in-person workshops/training sessions and virtual meetings, in addition to a required orientation session.

Throughout the sessions, we take prospective and current business owners through the process of creating and growing a strong online presence.

Sorry, this program is not currently running at this location, but you can always sign up for updates!

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