The SBDC aims to deliver high-quality expertise through our experienced team of consultants who provide quality business consulting for our clients. Alongside our consulting, we also offer additional educational resources that promote the long-term success of your business.

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You've created a product or service that can provide value to your target market – but how will they learn about your product/service, do you create advertising campaigns to build awareness, or do you already have a consistent organic customer base? Our consultants can help you understand who your customer is, what lifestyle and value traits these customers exhibit, and how you can leverage your business's strengths to fulfill customer needs.

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Our consultants can help you organize and coordinate your business activities with the use of new technology to streamline business processes and create efficiencies. From reducing your costs to developing processes, our consultants are here to help!

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Finding the right finance terms can mean all the difference to small business owners. We want to be part of the difference and help clients like you get the necessary funding to kick start your dreams! Our financial consultants help you explore the financing options available to you, securely package your loan, and introduce you to our network of over 100 funding institutions!

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Business Planning

A business plan is essential for any entrepreneurial venture. We work with you to identify what your business objectives are and help you develop a written plan of action that contains the financial, managerial, and operational components behind your business. Begin developing your road map to success!

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Put your entrepreneurial cap on and get ready for our workshops! The SBDC offers workshops designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs launch their business ideas. We will help you create a business plan, explore import and export strategies or brush up on your accounting skills. Best of all, these workshops are offered at little to no-cost year-round!

Topics you'll learn about from our workshops include funding, target marketing, lease negotiation, market research, business planning, financial management, trade, and more.

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Schedule an appointment with one of our Finance Center consultants today! We’ll guide you through the loan packaging process and help you prepare your business pitch. Our network of over 100 financial institutions will help you obtain the best terms for your loan plan.

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